Are you wondering what some of the most addictive drugs are? We often think about illegal drugs, but we should also consider the daily ones that we indulge in. These three substances are nicotine, caffeine and alcohol.

Nicotine is the active component of cigarettes and cigars. Ethyl Alcohol is found in gin, beer, rum and many favorite drinks. Caffeine is in coffee and some of the popular energy drugs. Energy drinks are used by some students to enhance their concentration before exams and to be able to stay up all night for final exams. People also take energy drinks high in caffeine before skiing or other athletic events to try to enhance their performance.

Illegal addictive drugs include the following:

Heroin is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. It induces euphoria, an illusion of invincibility, and many temporary states of hallucinations. It is highly addictive and has destroyed the lives of some popular music stars who had so much promise.

Marijuana is used by many as a way to cope with daily pressures, treat insomnia and take the edge off pain. It often becomes the primary coping mechanism to deal with adverse conditions.

Cocaine is easily abused and some say they enjoy the feeling of strength and empowerment.

Methamphetamine is commonly known as speed and the active component of amphetamine. Some people used this as a weight reduction drug.

All of these drugs cause physical and psychological dependence. Withdrawal symptoms are common and rehab centers are used primarily for the illegal substances to help in the management of these symptoms. Sadly, our school system does not teach us ways to diffuse daily stress and we often live feeling like a pressure cooker. Natural techniques are very helpful to offer ways to cope with challenging situations and master them by using the power of the mind.